Xeriscape Design in Colorado Springs

Xeriscape Makes Sense for Colorado Climate

What is Xeriscape? Xeriscaping is a smart, ecologically sound, and sustainable approach to landscaping.

It is not “Zeroscaping” as it is commonly mispronounced. It is not rocks and desert plants. It is not maintenance free. Any quality landscape requires some maintenance.

A strange word for a very wise landscaping strategy, “xeriscape” was coined by the Denver Water Department in 1981 to promote water-conserving landscape concepts. “Xeri” is a greek word for “dry” and “scape” is derived from “landscape”. Xeriscape is a water-smart method of landscaping in an arid environment.

Xeriscaping consists of 7 principles:

1. Planning & Design

2. Efficient irrigation, properly designed and maintained

3. Use of mulch

4. Proper soil preparation

5. Appropriate turf areas

6. Water-efficient plant materials

7. Appropriate maintenance

A great resource for exploring each of these seven principles of Xeriscape is the Colorado Springs Utilities Xeriscape Demonstration Garden at the Conservation and Environmental Center, 2855 Mesa Road in Colorado Springs. They also have numerous printable fact sheets relating to xeriscape landscaping topics. Their website also has an extensive Xeriscape Plant Database where you can view photos and browse descriptive characteristics of plants proven to grow in this area.

For over 30 years, Fredell Enterprises has been working with homeowners who desire beautiful water-efficient landscaping. We can design a water-smart landscape that you and your pocketbook can be proud of.