Bulbs are a perfect choice for adding bursts of color in an area like Colorado Springs where sunshine is plentiful and spring moisture is almost always guaranteed!  Planning for interest in all four seasons is not especially challenging with the wide variety of plants that are available: Nevertheless, it often gets overlooked.  Each season has its own plant palette that thrives and draws attention to the landscape.  In the early spring, when spring fever is at its peak, bulbs are one of the most effective ways to add an abundance of colors to the landscape.

They can either be planted in mass as a stunning eye catcher, or they can be planted in little pockets here and there, in order to add more subtle splashes of color throughout the landscape.  Bulbs are versatile in that they can be used in a variety of garden styles.  For example, crocuses and hyacinths can be used to enhance a more wild or natural garden, while tulips and irises can be used to enhance a more formal or cottage style garden.

Bulbs perform best in sunny areas so that they can store the food necessary for flowering the following year.  However, a few species do well in the shade.  Make sure that the leaves are not cut back immediately after blooming because this is how they store food.  Instead, wait for the leaves to wither before cutting them.  The best time to plant spring-blooming bulbs is in September.


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