Colorado Landscape Ideas Perfect For Summer

Summer is the time people love to get outdoors and gather for food, fun, and various outdoor activities. It’s also grilling season! Is your outdoor living space ready for summer? Whether you need an outdoor fire pit, a new patio or extension of your existing one, a retaining wall, or a decked out outdoor kitchen and barbeque station, Fredell Enterprises, Inc., can make it happen for you.

Xeriscape Landscape Ideas

Not only is Xeriscaping a practical way to design your outdoor living space, but it is also a beautiful accent to help show off your home to visitors. Xeriscape, commonly misspelled as zeroscape,  is a water-smart method of landscaping in an arid environment such as Colorado.  Xeriscaping is different from natural landscaping because there is a high focus on the selection of plants for the design that helps with water conservation.

If you are interested in converting your lawn into a beautiful and feasible landscape design, contact us at 719-630-1355.

Our Xeriscaping Designs.

Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a great place to hang out in the summertime, and it can help save on your home cooling bills by keeping all that heat outside your house. When the weather is warm, the last thing you want to do is stand over a hot stove inside when you can enjoy the outdoors and use your grill. Why not build an outdoor kitchen that can not only handle your grilling needs but contains an oven and outdoor refrigerator as well? Keep everything you need for your next barbeque bash right at hand with a fully functional outdoor kitchen.

Retaining Wall

A retaining wall in your outdoor space is not only functional in helping prevent erosion from water drainage, but it can also be an aesthetically pleasing element of your outdoor space. Whether you decide to use concrete, brick, or natural stone, our landscape architects can incorporate a functional retaining wall that’s also beautiful and could even serve as extra seating for your guests.

Stone or Brick Fire Pits

Fire pits are excellent for intimate gatherings when it’s time to sit back and enjoy a glass of wine with your spouse, conversation with a group of friends, or a plate of s’ mores with the kids. The experienced Colorado Springs landscape architects and designers on staff at Fredell Enterprises, Inc. will work with you to bring your perfect outdoor living space to life.

Our high-end landscaping services in Colorado Springs also include:

  • Built-in barbeques
  • Decks
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Outdoor bars
  • Water features

We can bring some or all of the above elements into your outdoor space. Contact us at 719-630-1355 today and let Fredell Enterprises, Inc. create the perfect landscape design for you. We look forward to working with you this summer to bring your outdoor living space to life and give you a beautiful and functional extension of your home. Summer is our busy season so don’t wait – give us a call today!

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