Homeowners who live near open space, the foothills, or in the mountains all share the frustration of deer eating their gardens.  Homeowners aren’t the only ones who are exasperated by this:  Landscapers and gardeners find it disheartening as well.  Finding deer resistant plants proves to be a daunting task.  There are some deer resistant plants that tend to be left alone, but frequently changes depending upon factors such as location, rainfall, season, and maturity of the landscape.

While deer tend to enjoy certain plants and avoid others, there is no guarantee of being completely deer proof.  Fortunately, there does seem to be some success with a fairly large plant palette in this region.  The deer seem to avoid highly fragrant herbs such as Lavender, thorny plants such as Barberry, ornamental grasses, and several others.

Using a combination of deer management methods is recommended when the landscape is newly planted and at the beginning of the season when there isn’t much vegetation to choose from.  The integration of deer resistant plants with scent repellents or fencing will be the best way to combat deer damage.  Don’t give up hope; beautiful landscapes can flourish even in areas populated with deer.

Beautiful landscapes can flourish even in areas populated with deer.

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