Why Design?

Landscape Design

Creating a landscape design can prevent a lot of headaches during the installation phase.  A residential landscape design helps focus ideas and understand the details involved in the job that lay ahead.

Before any ideas are actually formulated a site-analysis should be taken in order to thoroughly understand the site conditions, which ultimately determine what can go where.  Determining the circulation and purpose of space is the next step before creating the design.

Having a plan can also help significantly when trying to determine the estimated cost of a project.  When a design is drawn to scale it is fairly simple to take measurements and counts of materials needed. Additionally, many costly contingencies can be avoided.  Having a well thought-out design will make the installation phase a lot easier to navigate through with a lot fewer mistakes being made. The result of using our Colorado Springs landscaping services will be a beautiful landscape with a sense of harmony.


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Landscape design with elevations

landscaping services colorado springs

Schematic landscape design


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