Landscapes that encompass interest for all four seasons are the most satisfying.  Each season has its own palette:  Spring bulbs, summer flowers, fall foliage, and winter evergreens.  Of course, evergreens and hardscape features such as boulders, patios, and fire pits are beautiful all year round.  Fall is perhaps the best season because it has the most interest available to it.  It’s in the fall that a landscape reaches its climax before going dormant for the winter.

In autumn, flowers are still blooming, ornamental grasses are at their peak, and evergreens are still green.  Of course, the most spectacular of all the elements during the fall is the turning of the leaves. It’s important to take advantage of all the possibilities available during this season to make the most impact.

There are numerous flowers that bloom from the summer into the fall such as mums and coreopsis.  Ornamental grasses are an important part of a fall landscape because they add a variety of texture, height, and color.  The leaves of trees and shrubs turn from shades of green to varying shades of red, purple, yellow, orange, and bronze. The colors of the foliage can be used to reflect or enhance the surrounding colors of the house, hardscape, and mountainous backdrop of the Colorado Rockies.  This is the season when all of the features of the landscape come together and are displayed for all to see.

home entry-after landscape design

Xeriscape with foliage late summer Flagstone patio and steps

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