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At Fredell Enterprises, we know that you want to have the most straightforward landscaping experience possible without any hidden catches. In order to help guide you through your next landscape design project, we’ve listed for you some of our most frequently asked questions below.

Do you do xeriscaping?
Yes, we specialize in xeriscaping! You can find out more about our xeriscaping services here: https://www.coloradolandscapedesign.com/project/xeriscape-landscaping/
Can you add a waterfall or fountain to my yard?

Yes, water features are included in our landscaping services. You can learn more here: https://www.coloradolandscapedesign.com/project/water-features/

Can your landscaping services help me with my drainage problems?

By incorporating dry river bed landscaping into your yard, we can help you eliminate your drainage problems without you having to do any extra work. What’s more, your yard will look amazing! Check out our dry river bed landscaping services here: https://www.coloradolandscapedesign.com/project/dry-river-bed-landscaping/ Please keep in mind that any drainage resolution services must be a part of a larger landscaping project as we do not provide isolated maintenance services.

Do you install sprinkler systems?

While we definitely do install sprinkler systems as a part of our landscaping packages, we do not install sprinkler systems as an isolated project. It must be part of a larger landscaping project. Fredell also does not winterize sprinkler systems nor do we start sprinkler systems. We also don’t provide sprinkler system repair as we don’t have a sprinkler technician on staff. You can check out our sprinkler installation page for more information: https://www.coloradolandscapedesign.com/project/efficient-irrigation/

Will you work off of someone else’s design?

No, we only implement designs that we have drawn up.

How much do you charge for a consultation?

We do not charge anything! Initial consultations with the homeowner are free!

Do you provide a warranty on plants that do not survive through the winter?

If a late fall planting occurs and the homeowner waters through the winter, we will guarantee full replacement. Our full-replacement warranty for greenery is good for up to 3 months after planting, during which period we will replace any unsuccessful plants at no charge to the client. After 3 months and up to one year after planting, we will only charge the wholesale cost of the plants to replace them. If the homeowner does not water the plants, then we unfortunately cannot guarantee replacement.

Do you take on low-budget projects?

No, we only take on landscaping projects that have a minimum service fee of $20,000.00.

Do you provide lawn mowing services?

No, unfortunately, we do not provide lawn mowing services.

Do you do snow removal?

No, we do not provide any snow removal services.

Do you provide yard cleanup services?

No, unfortunately, we do not provide yard cleaning services.

Do you provide free estimates?

No, unfortunately we do not provide free estimates.

Do you provide landscape design as well as installation?

Yes, this is part of what we do! Our landscape designers will work with you to plan your dream landscape, which is followed by the implementation of the plans drawn up. You can find out more about the design process here: https://www.coloradolandscapedesign.com/design/

Do you offer 3D design?

No, unfortunately we do not offer 3D design.

Do you install pools?

No, unfortunately we do not install private pools.

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