Garden chores of the month: January

While the landscape is dormant in the month of January there are still a couple maintenance items necessary to maintain a healthy landscape.

  • Prune dead wood from trees and shrubs (except maples, birch, and walnut).
  • Conduct winter watering:

A Colorado Springs winter is typically characterized by very dry weather conditions.  Thus, it’s necessary to water your landscape after sprinkler systems are shut down for the season in order to ensure the survival of plants.  Most well-established plants should be able to survive without supplemental water, although a little water wouldn’t hurt them.  It’s the recently planted ones that are most worrisome.

A thorough watering should be done at least every two to three weeks if there hasn’t been any significant precipitation.  Be sure to water after the day time temperature reaches at least 40 degrees to allow water to absorb into the soil.

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