Each fall, before the first hard freeze, sprinkler systems are “blown out.”  This happens in regions where frost in the ground reaches below the depth of the irrigation pipes.  In Colorado Springs, blowouts are usually done in October and November.

It’s convenient to delay the irrigation shut down as long as possible so that you limit the amount of time that you have to water by hand.  When the night temperatures start dropping below freezing, but the hard freezes haven’t quite yet set in, it is important to temporarily drain your system.  This removes most of the water from the back flow preventer so that it doesn’t freeze, expand, and break.  However, it doesn’t remove the water from the underground pipes, which is only done during the blowout with an air compressor.  Please refer to our website,, and click on the ‘Useful Tips’ category in the right column for detailed instructions on how to temporarily drain your back flow preventer.

Backflow-RP Backflow-PRV Backflow-Ball Valve

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