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Water Features Colorado SpringsAre you looking to upgrade your front or backyard landscape to enhance your outdoor space in your home? With so many days of beautiful weather in Colorado, having the perfect outdoor space to enjoy is so important. There are many options to consider when designing your outdoor space, but leave it to Fredell Enterprises to do the work.

Water features can be a wonderful addition to your outdoor environment. Whether it is formal tiered outdoor water fountains, a natural waterfall, stream, or pond, call Fredell Enterprises at (719) 630-1355 to create a water feature that is suitable for your property.


Moving water has a peaceful effect, as the sound of babbling water can be calming. It can serve as “white noise” for distracting and unwanted sounds such as traffic, trains, or those noisy neighbors. A water feature can be a focal point of your landscape, bringing life and visual appeal to your outdoor oasis. Fredell professionals will assess and discuss the best location for your water feature with you, ensuring you enjoy the full experience of your outdoor living space design when it is complete. Adding water features in Colorado Springs homes enhances the already beautiful scenery and can help to transform any outdoor space that needs attention. A water feature can totally transform any outdoor space, whether you decide to add a simple feature or accompany it with further landscape design elements. It will add a beautiful and lasting touch to your outdoor space that will be sure to impress.

Fredell Enterprises takes a unique approach with each client to make sure they create the perfect outdoor space customized for every project. We have been installing water features in Colorado Springs and the front range for over 25 years, so we know the importance of getting the small details right. The team values meeting with every client to find out exactly what each client envisions for their outdoor space and effectively communicate how Fredell Enterprises plans to execute the design. Customer service is a top priority, as Fredell Enterprises wants to ensure you absolutely love your outdoor space.

Water features add beauty and tranquility to your home or garden. Let Fredell Enterprises create your outdoor oasis.  Our design team has extensive experience in working with landscape and water features in Colorado Springs. If you are looking for stunning outdoor water fountains, a pond, fountain, or stream for your home, hire Fredell Enterprises as your Landscape Design Team. Fredell Enterprises wants to be with you every step of the way to transform your outdoor space into a space you love. Request a design consultation at (719) 630-1355!

Examples of Outdoor Water Features in Colorado Springs

Here are a few examples of Fredell Enterprises custom outdoor water features in Colorado Springs- ranging from streams to outdoor water fountains. Each design is as unique as the property it was built in. Fredell wants to make sure your outdoor space is an expression of your, and creating the perfect water feature for your space is of the utmost importance. Contact us today to find out how Fredell Enterprises can make your water feature design a reality!

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