If you’re not inclined to garden, the best recommendation is to hire a professional to maintain your landscape.  Even xeriscapes can benefit from a few hours of maintenance each week.  The larger the landscape the more time is required to keep it looking good.  Neglecting a garden is like neglecting to dust the house; the problem gets more out of control each day.

Some routine maintenance activities include weeding and volunteer plant eradication, deadheading and pruning, irrigation maintenance, and disease and pest control.  There are also maintenance activities that are done less frequently, but are just as important, such as fertilizing, reapplying mulch, cutting back perennials, and aerating the lawn.  At the very least, a basic knowledge should be acquired before attempting to maintain a landscape.

A xeriscape garden will require a lot less time to maintain in comparison with a high-water use garden.  A general rule of thumb is the more water a plant needs the more maintenance it will need.  Good planning is the best way to minimize maintenance requirements.  During the design phase it is important to consider how each section of the landscape will affect maintenance.  Keeping a well-maintained landscape can take some work, but satisfaction will be found when it flourishes.

A xeriscape garden will require a lot less time to maintain in comparison with a high-water use garden

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