You might be looking out your window, staring into a plain back yard that doesn’t really have a purpose and never gets used except maybe by the dog. You don’t like to have people over for a BBQ because the patio is too small, and the yard is uninviting.

You have probably dreamed of what you would do to your backyard to make it everyone’s favorite place to be, regardless of the temperature.  An outdoor living space designed and constructed by Fredell Enterprises could make that dream come true.

Your ideal outdoor living area might be as simple as a customized deck built out of wood or recycled plastic.  Or perhaps, a built-in outdoor kitchen so you can cook a great meal outdoors for your family and friends.  An outdoor fireplace or fire pit to roast smores and stay warm on a chilly night may be another outdoor ‘room’ to consider.

An arbor, pergola, or enclosed sunroom could be the perfect enclosure for your outdoor living space.  Don’t forget to add a sound system so that you can relax in your oasis or entertain guests.  You could even relax and soak in your own spa after a hard day at work.  Incorporating your favorite plants and trees around your outdoor oasis will create a beautiful outdoor living area that everyone will love to see and spend time in.  Call Fredell Enterprises and find out how we can make this happen for you.

Fire pit and flagstone patio

Composite Decking & Seating Wall


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