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Outdoor Fire FeatureFirepit designs are a popular outdoor amenity, gaining more popularity each year.  It’s like having an instant campfire in your backyard without the fuss of traditional wood-burning outdoor fires.  Our systems utilize either natural gas or propane.  We can design for basic manual ignition burners or remote-controlled electronic ignition (very similar to a television remote control) and built-in auto shut-off safety features.  When the flame inadvertently goes out at any time during operation the gas supply will automatically shut off.  The size of the flame is adjusted with the twist of a key.  We can place an outdoor fire pit on a deck, a patio, or a natural sitting area – we bring your landscaping design to life.  Each of our fire pit designs is uniquely constructed and installed for your specific setting and desired aesthetic.

Outdoor Fire FeaturesFire Pit Design

When it comes to backyard landscape design, Fredell Enterprises offers premier outdoor fire feature services. All designs are custom made and can be built in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials.  Burners come in several sizes and put out 80,000 to 150,000 BTUs.  But if that’s not large enough for the group you want to entertain we can build a larger fire pit with a 30″ diameter burning at 300,000 BTUs.  The enclosure for the burner is built from heat and flame-resistant materials and can be made into a variety of shapes.  The fire pit veneer can be cultured stone (to match your house), brick, or flagstone, and the top of the fire pit can be one of many types of flagstone to compliment your surroundings.  The burner is hidden under black lava rock and can be dressed up with oxidized metallic ‘logs’ that also radiate heat.

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