Planting is only one component of your overall landscape.  Other components include the design, hardscape surfaces, pathways, focal points, accent elements, and living spaces.  Plantings bring all of these components together and unite the entire landscape.

Functionally, plantings can provide visual screening or frame views.  It can also provide shade and be a shield from the wind.  Plantings provide a sensory experience from colorful displays of foliage and flowers to audible sensations of trembling leaves or waves of grasses.   At Fredell Enterprises we strive to use plant materials that are proven to grow in our area and to provide color throughout the growing season.  We also like to incorporate plants that will provide some winter interest during the dormant months.  Whether you want a lush colorful flower garden or low maintenance shrub beds our experts can create a plant palette for your yard that is tailored to your specific site and preferences.

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