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Garden Art

Colorado Springs Yard & Garden Art

Water Feature

Are you impressed by beautiful yard art sculptures? Do you enjoy gardening, decorating, being unique, and creating something that stands out and raises eyebrows? Fredell Enterprises is a proud landscaping company that loves working on Colorado Springs yard & garden art projects! We offer affordable prices, easy design, and tailor our services directly to your needs. With over 30 years of experience, Fredell Enterprises would be thrilled to work for you to build or add to your dream landscaping design, filled with your favorite garden art!

Garden and landscaping sculptures are an incredible part of your home garden. We have many choices when it comes to garden art, such as a simple but meaningful sculpture that brings the whole garden together, or maybe you want more of a calming and soothing structure, in which we could build a custom water feature in your garden. Garden’s act as an oasis that can have many positive effects, including the ability to indulge in art therapy. Art not only emphasizes the style of your landscape, but also plays an important role in enhancing your own creativity, relieving stress, and increasing morale. Fredell Enterprises promotes mental health and well-being by working with homeowners to provide them with flexible design ideas where meaning and insightfulness are heavily considered. There are many more options we offer when it comes to designing Colorado Springs garden art so make sure you contact us with any questions or design ideas!

Garden & Landscaping Sculptures

The art sculptures and accessories that can go into your garden are endless. Coming in different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, the décor you chose for your garden will surely add a hint of life and meaning to your entire landscape. However, the material you chose for your sculptures or décor is important to consider. The more delicate or weak the garden art’s structure is, the more prone it is to get damaged and succumb to the elements. Please check out our Colorado Springs landscape design process for a more in-depth understanding of our commitment and plan to satisfy your expectations. Also, make sure to check out our garden art gallery!

Colorado Springs Garden Art Gallery

Here are some Colorado Springs yard & garden art examples that Fredell Enterprises has completed. Each garden project is treated with special care and attention. Make your dreams come to life and call us today to begin designing your garden and landscaping sculptures.