When to Start Landscaping

When to Start Landscaping

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Don’t wait until spring to begin thinking about your landscape project!  Winter is a great time to start pursuing the landscape you’ve always wanted for your yard. Begin the landscape process early for the best results.

Three big advantages to start landscaping in the winter with Fredell


Landscaping During Winter MonthsFor landscaping in Colorado Springs, we start putting together our spring schedule starting the fall and into the winter, so the earlier we start designing your project the sooner we can construct it in the spring.

Attention to Detail

Even though our construction workload is scaled back during the winter, our designers are busy designing and estimating spring construction projects.  Our designers can usually spend more time during the winter creating a unique design for your yard because they’re not spending as much time overseeing construction of projects.

Materials are Ready

Also, depending on the complexity of your project, winter allows us ample time to order specialized materials and, in some cases, start constructing some of the hardscape elements.

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Please contact Fredell Enterprises at (719) 630-1355 or jwalsh@fredellent.com today so that we can work with you through the winter and be ready to construct the landscape of your dreams this coming spring!