Choosing the material to use for a landscape surface, such as a patio or a path, can be a difficult decision to make.  Cost, durability, maintenance, and appearance are some of the factors that should be taken into consideration when deciding which material will best suit your needs.

Concrete, natural stone (i.e. flagstone), and pavers are the most common types of surface materials used in landscaping.  While each have their own unique features and drawbacks, pavers are becoming a popular choice, and for a good reason.

Pavers have many great qualities, especially when compared to concrete.  For starters, they come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, textures, and patterns to create any style desired.  They don’t crack when the ground inevitably settles or heaves from freezing.  Cracking is almost a guarantee with concrete!  Unlike concrete, making a repair or fixing a low spot is fairly simple.  Because of this, they are very durable.  The initial cost is more expensive than standard, gray concrete and comparable to colored, stamped concrete. However, the low maintenance needs and ease of maintenance associated with pavers evens out the cost differences.

Fredell Enterprises has many years of experience of installing paver patios, paths, and driveways for satisfied clients.  Call us today to see if pavers are right for you.

Call us today to see if pavers are right for you.

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