A weed is considered any plant that grows where it isn’t wanted.  Weed control is probably the most tedious of all tasks that must be kept up in order to maintain a garden.  It also may be the most important task because it eradicates invasive plants that steal nutrients and water from the plants that are purposely planted.

Fortunately, there are a few steps that can be taken to help prevent a lot of weeds from germinating.  For example, applying wood mulch at the recommended depth of 3” prevents the sun from penetrating weed seeds.  Weeds that inevitably germinate should be pulled before they go to seed so that they can’t spread; plus, it’s much easier to pull weeds when they’re young and tender.

Make sure to pull the whole weed including the root so that it won’t come back.  There are various garden tools that can be used to make weeding more efficient.  The use of herbicides should be limited to times when the weeds are excessive.

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