Pathways Design

The function of pathways

Pathway landscaping has become a necessity for most homes in order to easily walk around, add character to your yard, and to efficiently move equipment. Pathways are often only used as a means to get from the front yard or the backyard, particularly from the garage. In the past paths and walkways were often a second thought for home owners when it came to landscaping. Proper pathway designs for homes can provide a flow through your landscaping and an inviting way to show off your yard. Walkways and pathways are both a functional and beautiful aspect to your landscape.

Fredell Enterprises’ pathway landscaping designs utilize a variety of different materials to create your desired walkway. We offer a range of possibilities dependent upon the desired look of the landscape, the intended pathway use, and project budget. Surface materials can range from colored stamped concrete to crushed rock. Concrete is the most formal material for a walkway surface. Asphalt has good durability and traction (for steep slopes) and is surprisingly cost-effective. Our most popular material, however, is something we call ‘soil cement’. This popular choice is made up of a mixture of breeze gravel (crusher-fines) mixed with cement and coloring. The cement binds the crushed material together creating a durable path that provides significant resistance to erosion from water and foot traffic. Soil cement has a finished look similar to a trail. For a more formal look we can utilize a variety of paver materials or natural stone.

Pathway landscaping plays a significant role in your home’s overall landscape appearance. It’s important to utilize a highly skilled company that offers the expertise and experience to help you design a walkway or pathway that meets your expectations. Fredell Enterprises can design and build the pathway in your imagination just waiting to come out. Contact us today at (719) 630-1355 to request a design consultation.