Water Features

Looking to add value to your front or backyard landscape? Water features can be a wonderful addition to your outdoor environment. Whether it is a formal tiered outdoor water fountain or a natural waterfall, stream, or pond, Fredell Enterprises can create a water feature that is appropriate for your property.

backyard fountains

Moving water has a soothing effect as the sound of babbling water can be calming. It can also serve as “white noise” for distracting sounds such as traffic, trains, or neighbors. A water feature can also be the focal point of your landscape. Place it adjacent to your deck or patio so that you can experience it as part of your outdoor living space. Outdoor water fountains are the perfect addition to any Colorado mountain home.

Let Fredell Enterprises create your outdoor oasis. Accompanied with the right landscape design, a water feature can totally transform a backyard or front yard space. Fredell Enterprises takes a unique approach with each client making sure they create the perfect outdoor space. Designing outdoor water features are not different. Fredell Enterprises meets with every client to find out exactly what each client envisions and discusses how Fredell Enterprises can turn their vision into a reality.

Water features add beauty and tranquility to your home or garden. If you are looking for a stunning waterfall, pond, fountain, or stream for your Colorado Springs mountain home, consider hiring Fredell Enterprises as your Landscape Design Team. Request a design consultation at (719) 630-1355 !

Examples of Outdoor Water Features

Here are a few examples of Fredell Enterprises custom outdoor water features. Each design is as unique as the property it was built in. Contact us today to find out how Fredell Enterprises can make your water feature design a reality!