Colorado Bubbling Rock Water Feature

A bubbling boulder is a type of pondless water feature that requires little upkeep in comparison to ponds.  However, some maintenance needs to be performed on a regular basis in order to keep it running optimally.

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Spring Start-Up:

  1. After siphoning out the water sitting in the reservoir all winter, the reservoir can be filled with water when the landscape irrigation design system is activated in the spring. Usually middle to late April is an appropriate time to turn on the water feature.  Once the reservoir is filled with water the pump can be plugged into the outdoor electrical outlet.
  2. Clean out leaves and debris that have collected in and on top of the basin surrounding the boulder.
  3. Check the auto-fill for proper operation. If necessary, adjust the irrigation controller to have the auto-fill come on more often or for a longer duration.

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Regular Maintenance For The Bubbling Rock Water Feature:

  1. Clean out leaves and debris that have collected in and on top of the basin.
  2. Top off water periodically as some water is lost due to splash and evaporation (pump will make a gurgling sound if it is not completely submerged, which can be damaging if left unchecked). Periodically check the irrigation auto-fill operation.
  3. Periodically check the rubber liner edge. If someone steps on the edge of the liner it may push it down and allow water from the reservoir to spill over the top of the liner.  Do not allow children or pets to climb on the bubbling boulder or step on the gravel or rock edge surrounding the boulder.   If a large amount of water is needed often, or if it is very wet surrounding the basin, there may be a leak which should be promptly repaired by a professional.
  4. Algae build up can be treated with a variety of products available at your local garden store.
  5. If the water doesn’t seem to be circulating well, the pump may need to be removed from the basin and cleaned out by hand.
  6. To remove the pump: unplug it, remove any rocks sitting on top of it, lift the lid on the pump housing, uncouple the pump from the intake and output pipes, and take the pump out of the basin.
  7. To clean the bubbling boulder water feature: remove any visible debris by hand and scrub with a brush to remove algae and dirt. Replace filter if necessary.

Fall/Winter Shut-Down

  1. This water feature along with other Fredell Enterprises’ Colorado Springs water features has its own auto-fill connected to the irrigation system. It is a dedicated zone on the irrigation controller.  It operates off of a float in the reservoir below the bubbling rock so that when the water level gets low the float will open a valve to refill the water feature.  When the irrigation system is turned off the auto-fill will not operate and the reservoir will need to be manually filled with a hose on a regular basis.
  2. The bubbling rock should be shut down when the irrigation system is turned off in the fall months. If the owner chooses to run the bubbling rock after the irrigation system has been winterized the reservoir will need to be manually filled with a hose on a regular basis.  Do not allow ice to build upon the bubbling rock.  To winterize the bubbling rock, unplug the pump from the outlet.  It is okay to leave the pump submerged in the reservoir.  However, if the owner would like to protect the pump from freezing simply remove the pump, clean it, and store it in a bucket of water in the garage.

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