Dry Creek

Dry River Bed Landscaping

Proper drainage across your property is vital to the structural integrity of your home and erosion resistance in your landscape design. All new homes have drainage swales around the house where water is intended to flow away from and around the foundation. These low areas often collect water from the entire yard and also the roof of the house. The heavy concentrated flows in these drainage swales subject the lot to erosion or pooling of water if slopes are not adequate. Dry river bed landscaping serves as an aesthetic element for your landscape and acts as a functional channel to collect and direct water safely through your property. These swales are lined with various size cobbles and small boulders that are intended to look natural and break up a large planting bed. Whether you like tan, gray, or pink tones, the color of the rock chosen for a dry creek bed landscape design can vary to meet your preferences and complement the colors of the home. Dry river bed landscaping also provides an accent element to draw your eye across the yard.

Having a professional verify the proper drainage around your house is critical to prevent long-term structural issues with your home. The use of a transit will determine whether the earth is sculpted to provide proper drainage through a homeowner’s property. Adjustments can often be made where drainage is not adequate to enhance or relocate runoff flow. Once the drainage is flowing as intended, dry river bed landscaping can be constructed that will look fantastic and also reinforce the stability of drainage swales and prevent erosion. 

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