Dry River Bed Landscaping in Colorado Springs

Colorado yard demonstrating dry creek bed landscaping

Have you ever considered dry riverbed landscaping services? Are you looking for the perfect solution to your home’s water drainage problems? Well, look no further! Fredell Enterprises is a leading company in designing and installing dry riverbed or dry creek bed landscapes for your Colorado Springs home!

Having a professional verify the proper drainage around your house is critical to preventing long-term structural issues with your home. The use of a transit will determine whether the earth is sculpted to provide proper drainage through a homeowner’s property. Adjustments can often be made where drainage is not adequate to enhance or relocate runoff flow. Once the drainage is flowing as intended, dry river bed landscaping can be constructed that will look fantastic and also reinforce the stability of drainage swales and prevent erosion. Our landscape designers are great at identifying existing drainage swales to form the new dry creek beds to avert the existing flow if needed. This additional water management also helps homeowners worry less about maintenance and more about enjoying their landscape dream. Visit our Deck Design & Installation page to consider additional options for your landscape desires. What better way to maintain your water flow or enjoy fresh rain than with a customized dry riverbed that brings your landscape to life! Contact us today and find out why Fredell Enterprises is the best choice for your custom dry riverbed landscaping needs. 

Dry Creek Bed Garden Landscaping

Additionally, our services extend to the design and installation of a dry creek bed garden where we offer more customizable options. Whether you want beautiful eye-catching flowers, plants that are low-maintenance, or bushes that are scattered along the path’s edges, we have a lot of choices we can discuss with you!

Dry creek bed gardens are constructed carefully. The natural flow of water will first be identified. Once located, we may require some digging to form the trench bed, but they are typically shallow. As the water takes the path of the dry creek bed, it will peacefully track down the beautiful path of cobbles and small boulders we laid out. The path can have curves and twists with the help of our waterproof liners. Whether you like tan, gray, pink tones, or many more, the color of the rock chosen will meet your preferences and complement the colors of landscape design and your home! If you have any questions or thoughts you would like to discuss, please visit our Colorado Springs landscape design page to request a consultation from our experts.

Dry Creek Beds Landscape Design

Fredell Enterprises would love to work with you to design and create your own personal landscape oasis. Explore our photo gallery for pictures of completed dry creek bed gardens and riverbeds. Please know that each project we are involved in is given special care and attention, from the early design phase to the last rock installed, we strive for excellence in customer service. Call Fredell Enterprises today to talk to our landscape designers and get your dry riverbed landscaping service rolling.

Dry Creek Bed Landscaping Ideas