Irrigation & Sprinkler System Installation

Sunset over Colorado Springs sprinkler system watering the yard
Do you enjoy having nice green grass across your lawn without dry patches? Are you interested in your sprinkler system’s efficiency? Well, you have come to the right place! Fredell Enterprises offers Colorado Springs sprinkler system installation so you can enjoy lush green grass and not have to worry about wasting water!

Sprinkler system installations are thought of as a water management tool when implemented correctly. Whether it is for your lawn, garden, or commercial landscape, a sprinkler system is vital to maintaining a beautiful landscape. As water rates continue to rise in Colorado, it is more important than ever to have an efficient sprinkler system installed.

Lawn sprinklers and landscape irrigation can help your grass and plants live longer and shine brighter, which will make a new Colorado Springs outdoor kitchen look even better! Fredell Enterprises recommends providing irrigation to all new trees, shrubs, and perennials because they need to have the right amount of moisture in the soil so they can be sustained. The survival and health of virtually all landscape designs must have an automated underground sprinkler system in Colorado Springs. You want your landscape irrigation system to be efficient and designed specifically around existing conditions. This means separate zones on slopes and separate zones for front and backyard exposures. A drip landscape irrigation design is necessary for all newly planted shrubs and trees. Head-to-head coverage is a must for turf areas, and spray irrigation is recommended for native areas to establish healthy strands of grass and provide supplemental water during periods of drought. Reach out to us at any time for your Colorado Springs sprinkler system installation needs!

Lawn Sprinklers

Lawn sprinkler maintenance can be extremely stressful if you are doing it by yourself. We don’t want you to feel alone during this process. At Fredell Enterprises, our landscaping experts will fully optimize your lawn sprinklers so that they don’t stretch zones to water more than they should or place rotor and spray heads on the same zone. Also, we make sure we don’t stretch the spacing between heads, which requires more water to reach all of the areas. Properly designed zones that reduce misting and excessive runoff are essential to help create an efficient irrigation system. We use quality Rainbird irrigation components and controllers. Whether you have 6 zones or 36 zones, the Extra-Simple Programming (ESP) controllers we use are among the best in the industry, allowing for rain delays, multiple programs and start times, cycling, battery-backup, and surge-protection. We also use wireless rain sensors that automatically shut your system off when Mother Nature provides ample moisture, and your plants don’t need additional water. Fredell Enterprises is the best choice in Colorado Springs for sprinkler system installation! Also, please check out our Colorado Springs landscape design portfolio for a look at more landscaping additions you could make with your new sprinkler system!

Landscape Irrigation Design in Colorado Springs

Here are some Colorado Springs sprinkler system installations that Fredell Enterprises has completed! Each lawn sprinkler is installed carefully and considerately so that it works with the entire system while producing the right amount of water your grass needs. We are also incredibly thoughtful when installing your landscape irrigation system so your plants, shrubs, and flowers shine throughout the sunny season. Call Fredell Enterprises today to start your sprinkler system discussion and see why we are among the top landscaping services companies in Colorado Springs!