Sprinkler Systems

Water rates are climbing and will continue to increase along the Front Range. Fredell Enterprises recommends providing irrigation to all new trees, shrubs, and perennials because new plantings do not have a large enough root system to draw adequate moisture from the soil to sustain them. It is necessary for the survival and health of virtually all landscape designs to have an automated underground sprinkler system in Colorado Springs. You want an irrigation system that is efficient and designed specifically for your site conditions and landscape. This means separate zones on slopes and separate zones for front and backyard exposures. A drip landscape irrigation design is necessary for all newly-planted shrubs and trees. Head-to-head coverage is a must for turf areas, and spray irrigation is recommended for native areas to establish healthy strands of grass and provide supplemental water during periods of drought.

A sprinkler system in Colorado Springs can help the longevity of your landscaped plants. We don’t stretch zones to water more than they should or place rotor and spray heads on the same zone. We don’t stretch the spacing between heads, which requires you to water longer in order to reach all of the areas. Properly designed zones that reduce misting and excessive runoff are essential to help create an efficient irrigation system. We use quality Rainbird irrigation components and controllers. Whether you have 6 zones or 36 zones, the Extra-Simple Programming (ESP) controllers we use are among the best in the industry, allowing for rain delays, multiple programs and start times, cycling, battery-backup, and surge-protection. We also use wireless rain sensors that automatically shut your system off when Mother Nature provides ample moisture and your plants don’t need additional water.