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Garden Art- Sculptures in the Landscape

Art in the landscape can add a dramatic or playful focal point to your landscape. Art in your yard can also emphasize the style of your landscape or home. Exposure to art is said to enhance creativity, relieve stress, and increase self-esteem and morale. One certainty about installing art on your property is that it will always be a conversation starter.

If you are thinking about placing art in your landscape there are several items to consider.  First is the size of the sculpture.  If too small the art will get lost among the landscape planting.  If too large the sculpture will be too dominant and look out of place.  Also, consider the materials.  Will the weather and elements break down the finish on the art?  Does the material go with the style of the landscape?  A wood-carved bear may not fit in with formal hedges but would look great among Aspen trees and other Rocky Mountain plants.

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