Retaining Wall

People living along the Front Range often appreciate the mountains we see every day. Bringing some of that native granite into your yard is one way to tie into that “Rocky Mountain” sense of place. Using large landscaping rock in Colorado Springs is a great way to break up the monotony of a large landscape bed and enhance the curb appeal of your yard. Besides adding character, landscape boulders also provide some structure to the yard and some water features as well add an element that can be appreciated during the cold months when there isn’t much to see in your landscape. Snow-covered rocks are uniquely beautiful during the winter, and surrounding them by low growing shrubs, grasses, or flowers make for a great landscape composition during the growing months. They should be partially buried look more organic- like they were meant to be there. We utilize large landscaping rock in Colorado Springs to make your yard have the feel of naturally fitting into the surrounding mountains.

Jazz up your planting beds by adding landscape boulders. Landscape boulders used by our company are usually Broadmoor boulders or character moss rock. Broadmoor boulders are indigenous to the Pikes Peak area so they look natural and are also cost-effective. Character moss rock is imported from other areas of the state, but the boulders are so beautiful that some rocks look like pieces of art. There are also several other types of landscape boulders, and each type has unique colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. Our Colorado Springs landscape contractors can get you the appropriate size of the boulder for your landscape space whether it’s small 2’ diameter stones or 6’ to 8’ diameter boulders that require a crane to place in your yard.


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