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Landscape Lighting Design

Outdoor lighting landscaping can be a great way to show off your landscape at night and highlight the architecture of your house. Extend your outdoor gatherings with family and friends in the evening by ensuring you have the proper landscape lighting design. Fredell Enterprises uses low-voltage landscape lighting in Colorado Springs, CO to provide accent and spotlighting for architecture, trees, and water features. Low-voltage LED path and step lights provide increased visibility and safety when trying to walk around your yard at night. Improving the outdoor lighting design around your home can also provide more security. The subtle glow of low-voltage lighting provides enough light to illuminate small areas but does not overwhelm a yard with glaring light. The Kichler and Alliance lights we use operate from low voltage transformers with both timers and photo-cells meaning that your outdoor lighting in Colorado Springs comes on when the sun goes down and can be programmed to turn off whenever you would like. The LED fixtures we use utilize bulbs that last up to 10 times longer than traditional bulbs.

Outdoor lighting in Colorado Springs should be refined and not overpower the home or landscape. Subtle highlights on the structure of a tree or landscaping rocks and boulders create interest. Similarly, soft lighting along a path or at steps guide can guide a visitor safely around a yard or to a front door. Not only can you take advantage of your beautiful landscaping and backyard during daylight hours, but with our help, you can enjoy your time outdoors well into the evening.


Outdoor Lighting Landscaping & Contractors

Your front or backyard can look as beautiful at night as it does during the day with the proper low-voltage outdoor lighting & nightscapes. With ambient lighting, accent lighting to highlight special design features, and task lighting for security and safety, your outdoor living space can be beautiful, functional, comfortable, and safe. Many outdoor living space designs include an outdoor fire pit, an outside bar and/or kitchen, seating arrangements, and water features. Highlighting these areas and other special features while making them easily accessible at night is best done with outdoor lighting. Lighting is a crucial element of an enjoyable night landscape, and our outdoor lighting contractors know how to design the perfect low-voltage outdoor lighting system for your unique outdoor living space.

Low-voltage lighting fixtures add class, style, and beauty to the outside of a home. Choosing soft, non-glare path lighting that directs light downward provides your guests with enough illumination to lead them safely and gently from the driveway to your front door, or from the back door out to your deck, barbeque area, or poolside. Using uplighting to enhance the beauty of a specific tree, bring out the texture of a stone wall, or highlight landscape water features will help add drama to your space.

Illuminating stairs with soft landscape lighting in Colorado Springs, CO helps your guests safely navigate when visiting your outdoor area at night. Many of these lighting techniques can be seen incorporated into a special project which was featured in the national trade publication Landscape Architecture and Specifier News. The seven-page article highlights a project Fredell Enterprises designed and constructed in the Broadmoor area.

Whether your style is traditional, whimsical, contemporary, or eclectic, if you’re looking for someone to help you design and create picture-perfect outdoor lighting in Colorado Springs, CO, Fredell Enterprises’s landscape designers & architects can bring your vision of the perfectly lit night landscape to life. Our landscape design team and architects will work tirelessly to bring your ideas together with our skill and 30 years of experience to give you an outdoor living space that embodies your own unique style, making your night landscape as beautiful and enjoyable as the inside of your home.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Ideas

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