Stone Pathway Landscaping in Colorado Springs

Paver Path

Wouldn’t you love to wake up and take a refreshing morning stroll through a winding cobblestone pathway while taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of a perfectly landscaped garden? At Fredell Enterprises, we can turn your dreams into reality with beautiful pathway or retaining walls landscaping, around your Colorado Springs yard.

Colorado Springs pathway landscaping has become a necessity for most homes to allow families and guests to easily walk around or efficiently move equipment. Pathways are often used as a walkway between driveways or sidewalks to the front or back of the house and cut through the front yard or the backyard. In the past, paths and walkways were often a second thought for homeowners when it came to landscaping. Today, however, pathway landscaping in Colorado Springs can add quite a bit of character to your home. Proper walkway landscaping not only provides a novel path through your current landscape, but it also enhances your front or back yard landscape designs. Walkways and pathways are both functional and beautiful aspects of your landscape.

Walkway Construction

At Fredell Enterprises we have 35+ years of Colorado Springs landscaping design experience, which includes pathway landscaping & design. We utilize a variety of different materials to create a custom walkway that perfectly fits the style of your home. Our landscape team offers a range of possibilities depending upon the desired look of the lawn, the intended pathway use, and the project budget. Surface materials can range from colored stamped concrete to crushed rock. Concrete is the most formal material for a walkway landscape surface. Asphalt has good durability and traction (for steep slopes) and is surprisingly cost-effective. Our most popular material, however, is something we call “soil-cement”. This popular choice is made up of a mixture of breeze gravel (crusher-fines) mixed with cement and coloring. The cement binds the crushed material together creating a durable path that provides significant resistance to erosion from water and foot traffic. Soil-cement has a finished look similar to a trail, which helps your pathway landscaping match the beautiful Colorado Springs environment. If you’re looking for a more formal look, we can utilize a variety of paver materials or natural stone to create the perfect walkway to add a touch of class to your landscape.


Our Stone Pathway Designs Landscaping

Feel free to browse through our gallery of completed Colorado Springs pathway & walkway landscaping designs. Get a sense of the quality, care, and professionalism we put into each project. We always strive for the best customer experience whether it’s during the early design phase, mid-project, or up until the last rock is installed. Contact Fredell Enterprises and talk to one of our landscaping experts and get your Colorado Springs pathway landscaping project started today!