Patio Seating Walls in Colorado Springs

Patio Seating Walls

Stone & Concrete Patio Seating Walls

Seating walls are a great functional and aesthetically important addition to your outdoor living space design. Created from natural stone these landscape amenities provide structure and mass to outdoor living spaces. These low walls provide an enclosure and a surround to a patio dining area or fire pit. A patio seating wall can be created from any type of natural stone, brick, or manufactured concrete block. Freestanding Siloam stone walls with flagstone caps tend to be the most popular because of the appealing color combinations and ability to create a hidden mortar appearance. Low stone & granite retaining walls can also be used for seating and also create terracing around your outdoor living space. Our Colorado Springs landscaping services include building a bench with a backrest into a retaining wall. Need outdoor fire pit seating? We can do that too. Locations of seating walls within a landscape can vary greatly from a formal patio area attached to the home to a campfire area at the edge of a property surrounded by native vegetation.

Quality materials and construction techniques are critical to creating a patio seating wall that will last a lifetime. Because of the weight of these landscape elements, it is essential to start with a structurally sound foundation in order to avoid settling. Our seating walls are built on leveled compacted road base under a concrete footer with horizontal and vertical rebar. Recessed mortar is used throughout the wall and between the wall and cap. Low voltage outdoor LED landscape lighting can easily be added to a seating wall. Wiring can run inside the seating wall and recessed step or strip lights can be placed under the overhang of the wall cap. This type of lighting provides a subtle illumination of the stone seating wall sides and also the ground beneath for safely walking around the wall in the dark.

Patio Seating Wall Ideas

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