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Landscaping Materials in Colorado Springs Selected for Success

Plant landscaping materials in Colorado Springs will greatly contribute to the ambiance of your xeriscape landscape and enjoyment of your yard and it is one of the many landscaping services we offer. The key is selecting the correct plants and incorporating them into the garden correctly. Trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals enhance the enjoyment of being outdoors for homeowners as well as Mother Nature’s insects and animals. The colors, textures, and size of the plants contribute to the overall feeling you get when outdoors. For example, an outdoor living space designed using wood and stone as the primary hardscape landscaping materials in Colorado Springs complemented by indigenous Rocky Mountain trees and shrubs can make the space feel as though it is set in the mountains. Similarly, a different palette of very xeric native plants can create a colorful desert appearance to compliment the southwestern architecture. Random natural plant groupings bursting with vibrant colors such as in a cottage garden create a much different outdoor experience to that of a very uniform, symmetrical, and monochromatic planting arrangement you might see in simple modern landscapes.

Whether you prefer formal evergreen hedges, waves of ornamental grasses, colorful roses, or the colorful chaos of a cottage garden we can create a garden appearance tailored to your preferences. Our Colorado Springs landscape contractors take into account the style of your home, color and seasonal preferences, allergies, deer presence, soil types, exposure, elevation, and garden-style before we start with our landscaping plant ideas. Plant texture, bloom color, seasonal interest, and bloom times are also important to the overall look. Designing plant combinations that enhance and compliment the home and surrounding landscape are also critical for aesthetic enjoyment. Let our professional designers help select the type of landscape plants that are appropriate for your yard. Contact Fredell Enterprises for all of your landscaping plant ideas in Colorado Springs. We have so many landscaping materials in Colorado Springs. Our designers have over 35 years of experience designing beautiful planting beds with plant materials suited for our Rocky Mountain climate.

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