Retaining Walls Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Retaining Walls Landscaping

Given the rolling topography of the Front Range, most home sites need retaining walls to create flat outdoor spaces in order to increase usability, redirect surface flow, or add interest to your yard. You can also do this with our professional garden art landscaping! If you are thinking about adding a retaining wall to your outdoor living space, contact the retaining wall landscaping contractors in Colorado Springs at Fredell Enterprises today!

Concrete, Wood, Stone & Granite Retaining Wall Design

Stone, concrete blocks, and wood are the most commonly used materials for retaining wall blocks in Colorado Springs.  Fredell Enterprises utilizes stone for most projects because of the beauty, durability, and natural appearance they provide to the landscape.

When considering different materials for your retaining wall in Colorado Springs consider aesthetics, longevity, and cost.  Timber and railroad ties were once commonly used, but their track record for durability and lifespan has proven to be lousy. Concrete block can hold up well but very often has an industrial or commercial appearance.  Natural stone walls combine the best of durability and appearance at a comparable cost.

If you are considering having retaining walls built on your property in Colorado Springs let one of our experienced professionals give you an estimate for the best solution.

Siloam Stone

Siloam slabs are great for steps, pathways, and patio stone when you want a natural look and durability that will last for decades. If you are interested in a Colorado Springs retaining wall, siloam stone is a natural ledgestone native to the prairie outside of Canon City, Colorado. The stone deposit is part of the Dakota Formation, known for its high-quality sandstone. These are wonderful retaining wall stones and colors on individual pieces range from gray to beige to brown. The layered flat slabs range from 1″ to 24″ thick and lengths up to 6 feet long. Siloam stone retaining walls’ stone sizes are generally 2″ to 8″ thick and 8″ to 24″ lengths. Siloam stone is more time-consuming to install than other stone materials, but the layered earth-tone appearance adds a classy aesthetic to any project.

Broadmoor Boulder

Boulder retaining walls have been a popular retaining wall choice in Colorado Springs for the past quarter-century. Granite boulders are excavated from properties at the base of Cheyenne Mountain. The mostly-rounded rocks range in size from 4″ to 48″ in diameter. The stone color ranges from light gray to light pink to beige. The rounded shape of this rock and its neutral color makes it appealing to many homeowners. Stacked boulder walls allow moisture to drain through the walls and alleviate pressure from subsurface drainage that can cause other types of retaining walls to fail. The weight of the boulder retaining walls stone, along with proper construction techniques that include a proper batter, creates a durable and long-lasting retaining wall. Our Colorado Springs landscape retaining wall designs also utilize a durable and long-lasting porous landscape fabric behind the walls. This allows moisture to filter through but doesn’t let the soil erode through the stones.

Menzer Granite

Menzer granite is extracted from Turkey Creek Canyon south of Colorado Springs. It consists of light pink to rose-colored granite stone with pieces of black stone mixed in. Some oxidation occurs in the stone, producing a slightly rustic appearance as it ages. The granite stone wall pieces are angular and range in size from 4″ to 36″ diameter. Menzer granite retaining walls are cost effective stone and durable with great curb appeal.