Xeriscape Landscaping Colorado Springs

xeriscape colorado springs
The sloping front yard was terraced using boulders, river rock and silome steps. Planting vines that grew to cover the terraces gives the illusion of lush greenery without requiring additional irrigation.

Xeriscaping is not just putting out rocks and desert plants wherever they might look good. It is also not maintenance-free depending on your xeriscape design plans. Colorado Springs Xeriscaping is growing in popularity because of all the benefits Xeriscaping can offer!

You can see in our Colorado Springs landscaping portfolio, that we do landscaping with plants, shrubs, flowers, rock, mulch, dry stream beds, and many more vividly stunning artifacts to create your peaceful oasis just outside of your home! Colorado Springs Xeriscape complements your home, whether you need xeriscaping in the front yard and/or backyard, we will help you achieve your dream landscape. 


The Benefits of Xeriscape Landscape Architecture

The major benefit to xeriscape landscaping in your front yard & backyard is to reduce your usage of precious natural resources like water. Saving water is extremely valuable.

Additionally, instead of mowing the lawn each week, aerating the ground, and trimming the edges of your grass, a xeriscape design will offer more enjoyable yard maintenance. Some examples of xeriscaping maintenance are trimming plants and watering flowers.

There are more reasons and options to create a xeriscape front yard. Xeriscaping in the front yard makes your home appear marvelous and creates a very elegant and delightful display for yourself of course but also for others to glance at as well. Xeriscaping the backyard is more for your family and your own enjoyment. This can be thought of as an easy escape to find some quick tranquility and peacefulness. Remember, it’s important to take care of your beautiful new yard, so be sure to look into our sprinkler system installation to keep your yard fresh.

7 Steps to Creating a Xeriscape Garden Design

  1. Planning & Design
  2. Efficient Irrigation, Properly Designed & Maintained
  3. Use of Mulch
  4. Proper Soil Preparation
  5. Appropriate Turf Areas
  6. Water-efficient Plant Materials
  7. Appropriate Maintenance
A great resource for exploring each of these seven principles of Colorado Springs Xeriscape is Utilities Xeriscape Demonstration Garden at the Conservation and Environmental Center, 2855 Mesa Road in Colorado Springs.

They also have numerous printable fact sheets relating to Colorado Springs xeriscape landscaping topics. Visit the Colorado Springs Utilities Xeriscape Demonstration Garden at the Conservation and Environmental Center website for an extensive Xeriscape Plant Database where you can view photos and browse descriptive characteristics of plants proven to grow in this area.

Xeriscape Landscape Design & Ideas Colorado Springs