Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

Fire pits are extremely popular for outdoor living spaces in Colorado Springs, and they make an excellent choice for a fun, engaging addition to your backyard deck or patio area. The landscape architects and designers on staff at Fredell Enterprises, Inc. have installed outdoor fire pits in all sorts of locations in Colorado and can help you decide on which design will work best for your outdoor living space. For the discerning homeowner, no store-bought, pre-made, dime a dozen generic fire pit will do. You deserve a custom made fire pit that perfectly complements the rest of your outdoor aesthetic, and Fredell Enterprises can make that happen. Take a peek at our Colorado Springs fire pit designs.

Patio Fireplace Styles

There are several different types of fire pits available for your backyard space. Our fire pit systems utilize either natural gas or propane. We can design a fire pit for your patio or deck using basic manual ignition burners or remote controlled electronic ignition very similar to a television remote control. The size of the flame is adjusted with the twist of a key, and built-in auto shut-off safety features ensure you never have a fire going unless you want to. If the flame should inadvertently go out at any time during operation, the gas supply will automatically shut off.

We can place an outdoor fire pit on a deck, a patio, or a natural sitting area to help bring your landscaping design to life. Each of our fire pit designs is uniquely constructed and installed for your specific setting and desired aesthetic. There’s no “cookie cutter” feel to anything we do, so you can rest assured that your fire pit will be uniquely “you” and reflect your personal style. Our fire pit enclosures are built from heat and flame resistant materials which can be molded into a variety of shapes and completed using cultured stone, brick, or flagstone according to your preference. Have a unique fire pit idea? We’ll do our best to make it happen for you.

Whether you prefer a sunken outdoor fire pit embedded into a stone patio for a rustic feel, an elevated fire pit encased in a stone vessel, or a rectangular, trough style brick fire pit with extended borders offering a convenient surface to place your food or drinks, we can design, build, and install it for you to make your outdoor space complete.

More Colorado Springs Outdoor Living Space Designs

Do you need other additions to your outdoor space? In addition to outdoor brick or stone fire pits, our high-end landscaping services in Colorado Springs include:
• Built-in barbeques
• Outdoor Kitchens
• Decks
• Outdoor Lighting
• Landscape Design
• Outdoor bars
• Patio seating
• Water features
• Xeriscape

Contact us at (719) 630-1355 or jwalsh@fredellent.com today and let Fredell Enterprises, Inc. create the perfect Colorado landscape design for you. Summer is our busy season so don’t wait – give us a call today! We look forward to working with you to give you the outdoor fire pit you need to bring your outdoor living space to life and give you an outdoor area that is a beautiful extension of your home.

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