Creating Shade in the Landscape

During the summer months in Colorado Springs, the heat from the sun can be rather intense at times. Not only do people need some relief from the heat of the sun, but so does the garden in order to thrive. This is why having the perfect shade garden design is so important. Shade can make the difference between a landscape that is highly used and a landscape that is avoided. Having shady backyard landscaping allows for a person to be comfortable outdoors.

Shade can be generated through the use of plant materials or through the use of shade structures. Plant material consists primarily of large trees. However, it can also include a vine that is trellised to a shade structure such as an arbor.

There are many creative options for when you start designing shade for your garden. Shade structures include porches, awnings, balconies, verandas, pergolas, arbors, umbrellas, sunshades, and gazebos; each with their own unique attributes. All of these structures have the versatility to be constructed to be built in all different sizes and styles, and they can be placed just about anywhere in the landscape to fit individual needs. For example, intimacy can easily be created by tucking a gazebo into the periphery of the backyard and using plants to create a screen. Shade structures can be made from wood, canvas, metal, or any other material that will best compliment the design.

Shade structures can also be implemented to support the overall theme of a landscape, and sometimes even serve as the focal point. Placing chairs, benches, or hammocks can make lounging in these spaces especially enjoyable. Being creative when it comes to creating a shade garden design is easy with the limitless products that are now available in conjunction with a well-thought-out design.