Mature Landscape

When planning your outdoor living space, it’s important not only to design a space which reflects your individual sense of style and provides the natural aesthetic, coziness, and usefulness you want right now but one which will grow more beautiful and functional with time. When planning your outdoor living space design, the placement of plants, trees, and shrubs must take into account growth rates and patterns to ensure that the vegetation you plant has the room it needs to thrive and grow year after year without becoming crowded. The ideal mature landscape at your Colorado Springs home will enhance the aesthetic value of your home and property without encroaching on areas that need to remain clear.

The landscaping for this northern Colorado Springs home was installed more than a decade ago and is a great example of how, with proper care and maintenance, a landscape can beautifully mature and evolve.

In a state like Colorado, which can be prone to wildfires during the summer months, tree placement for mature landscaping is especially important due to local regulations concerning fire hazards. Trees contribute to the quality of our environment by providing oxygen, improving the land and air quality, conserving water, reducing stormwater runoff, preserving soil, protecting against erosion, reducing pollution in our waterways, and supporting wildlife. When climate conditions become dry and volatile, however, trees that are growing too close to homes and businesses can pose a serious threat to homes and personal property.

Trees placed too close to a building can pose problems if roots invade underground plumbing or drainage systems, or if branches interfere with overhead power lines or begin to overhang building roofs. At Fredell Enterprises in Colorado Springs, our landscape architects are skilled in the planning and placement of trees, shrubs, and plants that allow the landscape to provide your home and property with many benefits as the landscape matures, while minimizing potential liabilities.

When designing your outdoor space, there are a few things to keep in mind to help keep your landscape attractive, healthy, and balanced so that it complements your property. One vital element in the design of your plantings is scale. When trying to come up with evergreen landscape ideas, it is good to remember that tiny shrubs won’t make much of an impact. In the same vein, enormous trees can overwhelm a small space. When planting, you must consider the sizes of both your trees, plants, and shrubs – not only when first planted, but as they mature – as well as your space to avoid a visual catastrophe. Take the scale of your plot into consideration when choosing plants to fill it and keep them in proper proportion to space they will inhabit.

A properly planned, correctly executed and attractive landscape continues to evolve over time as it matures, and with proper care and maintenance, it will hold the same appeal year after year as it did when first installed. At Fredell Enterprises we are a local, family owned and operated firm that provides Colorado Springs residential landscaping for homeowners who want top quality, full-service landscape architecture, design, and construction.

Our exclusive landscaping services in Colorado Springs include:

  • Landscape Designs
  • Xeriscape
  • Retaining Walls
  • Water Features
  • Pathways
  • Stone Steps
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Dry Creek Beds
  • Efficient Irrigation
  • Accent Boulders
  • Plant Materials
  • Seating Walls
  • Sculptures in the Landscape
  • Fire Pits
  • Outdoor Kitchens

When you call on our experienced Colorado Springs landscape contractors to design, plan, and install your perfect outdoor space, we work with you to bring your vision to life. We have proudly served the Pikes Peak Region and surrounding areas along the Front Range including Woodland Park and the I-25 corridor for over three decades, providing top quality service for all budgets.

Are you dreaming of the perfect mature landscape? Contact us today for a free design consultation and let us help you make your outdoor living space dreams come true, giving you an extension of your home that you can enjoy for years to come. Call us at (719) 630-1355 for a personalized evaluation of all your outdoor living needs and let us provide you with some evergreen landscaping ideas. We look forward to working with you!

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